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Yetishare file hosting script. Earn money running your own file hosting website. Over 2,200 installations. Best file hosting script, multiple file uploader, members area, admin area, extendable plugins and more.

Full support for mobile, tablet and desktop access using our included 'Flow' theme. Even the admin area is responsive for mobile.

Multiple file uploader using the very latest HTML5 technology, no Flash here! Full support for large files via chunked uploading.

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v5.3.1 - Cron Task Fix, GeoIP Improvements & Other Minor Fixes - 18th February 2022

- Fix to downgrade_accounts.cron.php cron task.
- Fix to avoid new geoip functions breaking when there's no IP passed.
- Fix to internal API delete file endpoint.
- Other minor improvements and fixes.

Yetishare Plugins:

- Minio File Storage:
--- New plugin.
--- Store your files on Minio based S3 storage.
--- Direct download using pre-signed URLs supported.
- Wasabi File Storage:
--- Added missing S3 endpoints.

Release notes: To apply the update from v5.3.0, simply upload the following files to your install:

- /app/controllers/AccountDownloadController.class.php
- /app/controllers/AccountFileController.class.php
- /app/core/Framework.class.php
- /app/helpers/AdminApiHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/StatsHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/UserHelper.class.php
- /themes/spirit/assets/js/evolution.js
- /themes/spirit/controllers/IndexController.class.php
- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_preview_download.html.twig
- /themes/spirit/views/index.html.twig

YetiShare File Hosting v5.3.0 - Video Adverts (VAST), Cancel Upload Button, New Video Player, Limit Upload Speed On Nginx & Other Improvements - 16th November 2021

- New Advertising Module:
--- Dedicated admin section for managing site advertising.
--- Support for video adverts using VAST or Google IMA urls.
--- Option to set different banner advert for adult and non adult content throughout the site.
--- Admin area setting to define adult keywords.
- New video player integrated into the file preview plugin to support video adverts.
- Target uploads to file storage servers depending on account type. For example, send paid account uploads to faster servers.
- Added cancel upload option within file manager. Options to cancel any pending file or the entire upload.
- Limit upload speed by account package using Nginx. You can now set an "Upload Url Slug" via the account package settings. When using Nginx, you can configure this to be speed limited.
- Limit concurrent downloads better in Nginx. You can now set a "Download Url Slug" via the account package settings. On Nginx this can be configured to limit connections or download speed.
- Improvement to the document viewer so it continues to work even when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Fixed issue with zipping files when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Added site settings to disable chunked uploads and the chunked upload file size. (recommend for advanced setups only)
- Added option within the file edit popup in the file manager, to set minimum required account level to download. For example, paid accounts only.
- Added subtitle proxy script to resolve browser CORS issue when subtitles are stored on remote file servers.
- Ensured the local server is listed in the admin purge cache pages, when set as disabled.
- Added option for lifetime premium accounts.
- Added admin site setting to block non-login uploads. Enables blocking of non-login uploads from third party desktop apps.
- Upgraded core GeoIP library to use GeoLite2 by Maxmind. IP database updated to the latest.
- Resolved issue with crypto functions where data sometimes fails to encrypt fully.
- Removed unused plugin_tasks.cron.php file and reference in admin background tasks.
- Improvements to ipv6 validation and login logs.
- Fix to concurrent upload account package limits sometimes not working as it should.
- Improvement to make downloads per 24 hours limit based on download stats, so they're no longer dependent on download tracking option.
- Fix to file manager right-click on a Mac triggering the file details view instead of showing the context menu.
- Fix to captcha error on login form when using 2FA with captcha enabled.
- Fix to url downloads when using a different domain on the file server. Now uses postMessage to communicate between iframes.
- Fix to internal and email notifications cron tasks.
- Fix to ensure direct links to videos play inline rather than force download. Applied when xSendFile or xAccelRedirect enabled.
- Fix to incorrect deletion reason being shown on admin bulk file removal tool.
- Fix to file uploads on direct file servers sometimes not linking to a users account when 2FA enabled.
- Various minor fixes and improvements.


+ YetiShare Wasabi Plugin v1.0

+ Amazon S3 File Store

+ BitPay Payment Gateway

+ Coinpayments Payment Gateway

+ File Leech

+ FTP Upload

+ ......... more

- Stripe:
--- Minor wording change on checkout process.
- Media Converter:
--- Ensured folder size is recalculated after video converted.
- WebDav:
--- Ensured folder size is recalculated after file move.
- Rewards:
--- Added an option to limit logging PPD by downloading account type.
--- Clarified option to limit access to earn PPD by account type.
--- Blocked actual logging of PPD earnings if account type not enabled in plugin settings, rather than just hide reward pages from the UI.
--- Added link to detailed PPD logs in rewards admin menu.
--- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes: There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.3.0.sql.

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Changelog v5.3.1 - Cron Task Fix, GeoIP Improvements & Other Minor Fixes - 18th February 2022

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