XVideoSharing v2.1 - video sharing Script

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XVideoSharing is a robust video sharing solution. We have 8+ years of experience in video encoding/streaming, so we have made a great product for you to start a powerful video portal/tube site.


4K UltraHD quality encoding - Our script don't have any video size limits, so you can encode 4K and larger videos
Multiple input video format support  - You can encode any video having these extensions: avi, mkv, mpg, mpeg, vob, wmv, flv, mp4, mov, m2v, divx, xvid, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg
MP4 video encoding - We use modern x264 MPEG4 video codec + AAC audio codec for video encoding
Online video player with streaming - You can start watching video in a few seconds without waiting to download full file
Support for mobile Phones / HTML5 - Video player support HTML5 playing on iOS / Android platform
Built-in NGINX support - Upload and stream videos using custom built high-perfomance NGINX web server
Multi-Server support - Extend diskspace and bandwidth buying extra cheap servers
Multi-HDD support - Use up to 24 HDDs per server
Server monitoring - You can monitor all servers current In/out speeds + load average + HDD usage/utilization on a single page
Realtime progress - Encoding / Transfers / URL Uploads realtime progress. You can see what files are processing right now and delete any pending file from queue. Current encoding FPS and URL Upload speed are displayed for each process.
Multiple workers - Encoding / Transfers / URL Uploads multiple instances per server. Speedup queued processes using 2-3 multiple daemons working simultaneously
Watch time limit - Limit amount of watch time for free users and stimulate them to buy Premium account.
Multi-language support - It's possible to use your site with multiple languages, users can choose any. You can add your own new language easily
Remote URL Upload - Upload files from remote servers directly without using your machine traffic
Public File Catalogue - Optional list of published files with download links
Affiliate system - Users receive premium points from new registrations came from their affiliate and download links
Coupon codes - Promote your service using coupon codes for premium days


  • Dedicated server (or VPS)
  • OS: CentOS 7 64bit
  • No control panel
XVideoSharing v2.1
! SRT: now captions are kept on file servers and served in .m3u8
+ FFmpeg updated to 5.0
+ Decode download hash page
+ Upload server selector for admin / premium users
+ Video qualities label format for JW8 / Clappr / VideoJS
+ Remember player timestamp for each video (JW8, VideoJS, Clappr, Hola)
+ IP Blocker mod: Added manual BlackList db file
+ API: Delete File function
+ API: filter users who can use it
+ API: requests limit per minute
+ API: new functions: URL Uploads, URL upload actions, File Delete
+ My Files: configure shown columns
+ Reparse info directly from File Edit
+ Custom Ads mod
+ Admin encodings/transfers pages optimizations
+ Cold mod: upgraded to Hot/Cold mod
+ HLS: moved to HLS2 high performance mode completely
+ HLS: speed control from settings
+ SSD mod: removed, use HLS Proxy instead
+ JSON output option for browser uploads
+ DB code to use slaves SQL servers
+ Servers Functions: restart nginx/daemons, empty logs, clean torrents, empty HLS cache
+ Downloads is a subclass of Views now: using same tracking for them
+ Downloads custom profit %%

We will install and configure complete system for you with add extra fee (25$). Installation usually takes 1-3 days after payment complete.
Changelog XVideoSharing v2.1 - video sharing Script

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