IPS Community Suite 4.6.6

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Invision Community is a leading platform for building vibrant communities with forums, eCommerce, content management, image galleries and more.

Invision Community has everything a business needs to build and maintain a thriving online community, from flexible moderation and permissions tools, to spam management and content promotion.


The successor to our extremely popular IP.Board product, the Forums module powers hundreds of millions of discussions around the web.

Blog Updated

Provide users with the tools to create their own blog within your community - their place to get their views across.


Share documents, resources and more with our powerful file manager. Also integrates with our Commerce tools to enable purchasable downloads.

Question & Answers

Encourage knowledge sharing with question & answer forums. Questions bubble up based on votes, and best answers are highlighted for greater visibility.


Create community event pages across multiple calendars, with RSVP support, iCal syncing, venues and more.

Gallery Updated

Add photo and video sharing to your community, allowing users to create and share their own albums.

User-Created Communities

Clubs allow users to create and manage their own communities, fully integrated with your site and with full oversight from your own staff. Club leaders can add new sections to their club, like forums, galleries, calendars and more.

Paid Club Memberships New

New in 4.3, users can create paid clubs, requiring a membership fee (one-time or recurring) to be paid before joining. Your site can take an optional commission, with the club owner receiving the balance.

Public, Private, Open, Closed

Clubs have a range of privacy settings, from fully public to entirely private (though still with oversight), to cover every need.

Member Approval

Club leaders and moderators have full control over members joining their club, with a one-click approval system.

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